Wednesday, June 30, 2010

way too long

ok blog, i have left you alone for waaay too long.

Lately, I've been working for my professor and babysitting (trying to make money) so by the time I get home I'm exhausted and its time for dinner then my husband becomes that annoying fly that wont go away (but only when i sit down at my desk or computer). lol I love that man! even when he drives me up the wall. :)

Since i havent had the energy to make anything. I have been planning instead. Planning for what, you ask??
To launch my own shop on Etsy! thats right, i want to sell my stuff. IDK why but I feel scared to get this started. I guess b/c it makes it OFFICIAL and i'm actually following through..........eeek!!

my dream is to eventually have my creations be a small source of income and support my hobby and some extra. its gonna be hard work, but its something i REALLY want to work hard at!

so far my plan is to have three stores. Yep is said three, tres, trois!!!
1- paper products (cards, scrapbook layouts)
2- jewlery
3- fabric/ misc., mostly fabric stuff.

its gonna be hard work but here is nothign more than creating things and having other ppl LOVE it!

I still need to post pics from the bday party 6/26/10, and the decorations!


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